Düsseldorf: Kiko’s letter to European youth

Dear Brothers:

Two lines to encourage you to go to Dusseldorf. In the year 2011 the Lord calls us to a great moment of evangelization for Europe. We plan to meet in Dusseldorf, as we did four years ago in the Amsterdam Arena and it was great. This year is a chance that the Lord gives us to invite the young people of Germany. Before arriving in Dusseldorf you have to stop in a town in Germany and encourage the young people to go to the great event of World Youth Day with the Pope in Madrid.

Europe needs a new youth who has had an encounter with Jesus Christ. Only He heals us, regenerates us, saves us, gives his love to all men. Only He makes our life an adventure of love and eternal hope. Let’s go to the streets to invite the young people from so many cities in Germany, to go to Madrid. “Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee. There they will see me,” said the Risen Lord to women fleeing the tomb. “We’re going to Madrid.” There you will see the Risen Lord, manifested through thousands and thousands of young people together with Peter. The Pope is from Germany and he is so happy that we are going to the cities of his nation to proclaim the Gospel, to proclaim the Kerygma that saves from sin and death. “Go and preach the Gospel to all creation. Courage! I am with you “(cf. Mt 28, 19-20).

Although the days are not good because of exams, etc, Courage! A little effort for the sake of so many young Germans who have left the church, there is a lack of children, a lack of young people, a lack of Christians. The Lord has called us to help Him save the world. The Pope said to us at the last meeting with The Way: “May the longing for deliverance that the Lord feels for all men be in you”.  May His Spirit, which is burning with love to the point of giving his life, be in us.  Proclaiming the Gospel is the greatest thing … “Sentries of a new tomorrow,” John Paul II called us. To him, beatified by the Church, we commend this missionary impulse in Germany.

See you in Düsseldorf. Pray for me.